Pretty far out

This May I’ll be reviving my directed piece, Sensual Emergency, in the UK as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival, using my experimental performance initiative Pazzia Collective. Sensual Emergency was commissioned by Cluster New Music and Integrated Arts Festival in 2011 for an evening of Surrealist cabaret.

A commentary on freedom and constriction, classical and jazz improvisers were physically bound while being made to perform a free improvisation. An original text was written by composer Matthew Ricketts in response to Frederic Rzewski’s 1968 Parma Manifesto. Ricketts’ text was then performed as a beat poem by award-winning Canadian performance poet Andrea von Wichert, against improvisation by, among others, Montreal’s Trio ’86.

The Brighton New Music organisation, Music Of Our Time, is hosting a concert series dedicated to Frederic Rzewski at Brighton Fringe this year, under the season headline The Musicians Body. We understand Rzewski saw some clips from our Winnipeg performance, and has since gone on the record to say that we’re “pretty far out”. That’s all the encouragement I need from a modern day master.

A press release for the production is now available at this link.

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