Wild colonial band

The ABC’s Limelight Magazine has run a great feature about Ruthless Jabiru in its June issue. The tag line reads: there’s a new orchestral force in London, and it’s made up of Australians in exile. Gavin Dixon meets the intrepid young female conductor behind Ruthless Jabiru.

The story is also featured on the ABC Arts website, where a text version of “Wild Colonial Band” is available online. I’m so pleased the ABC has chosen to give such a vigorous endorsement of the project.

A stimulating programme

My orchestra, Ruthless Jabiru, has received an outstanding review of last week’s concert at Seen and Heard International. Gavin Dixon has many kind words to say about my work as both a conductor and Artistic Director, with particular acclaim for my “adventurous” programme.

The Expat factor

The Australian Times has run a feature about me in its column, The Expat Factor: Extraordinary Aussies in the UK. The story centres around the various adventures that brought me to be based here in London. I talked to Alex Ivett about fringe theatre, boat life, and Ruthless Jabiru. “Kelly Lovelady – A Ruthless Conductor”.