Mixtape #006

BBC Radio 3 – Hear and Now: Gloria Coates

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Kate Molleson presents three symphonies by American composer Gloria Coates performed by Ilan Volkov and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra [in which I am co-conducting I. Cercando di trovare of Gloria Coates Symphony No.11 “Philemon und Baucis”]

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Cat Hope “Pure”

Cat Hope Pure for found object, orchestra and subtones (2014-16)
Devised by Kelly Lovelady
Performed by Ruthless Jabiru, Jeremy Barnett found object
Live recording by Apple & Biscuit
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Egidija Medekšaité “Sandhi Prakash” (Junction of Day and Night)

Egidija Medekšaité Sandhi Prakash for 16 strings (2013)
Developed for Ruthless Jabiru through the Sound and Music Portfolio composer scheme
Performed by Ruthless Jabiru, Kelly Lovelady conductor
Live recording of world premiere
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