The Voice of Cassandre Mixtape: The Unholy Presence of Climate Emergency

This guest mix for The Voice of Cassandre is inspired by a performance I’m conducting next month below the River Thames in London: music for low frequencies by Cat Hope, Tansy Davies, Kaija Saariaho, Lindsay Vickery, Pedro Alvarez and Julius Eastman meditating upon our inevitable consumption by the seas. Buy tickets →

  • Amber Fresh / Cat Hope cover – My Own Private
  • Daniel Staniforth – Ex Nihilo for 3 Double Basses
  • Jane Sheldon & Rainer Maria Rilke – My life is not this steep hour
  • Tansy Davies / Crash Ensemble – Antenoux 
  • Joy Guidry – Voices of the Ancestors
  • Jean-Luc Ponthieux – Two Bass Beat
  • Kaija Saariaho / Kivie Cahn-Lipman – Neiges: Étoile de neige II
  • Cat Hope – Fetish #10
  • Dominy Clements – Extant-Extinct: Ultrabass edition
  • Tansy Davies / Mira Calix remix – Greenhouses
  • Eduardo Felenbok & Patricia Martinez – Transducciones, sobre esculturas sonoras de Leon Ferrari (Excerpt)
  • John Luther Adams / Synergy Vocals – Arctic Dreams: Where the Waves Splash Hitting Again and Again
  • Frederic Rzewski / Bobby Mitchell – The People United Will Never Be Defeated (Excerpt)
  • Lindsay Vickery – delicious ironies (noir)  
  • Julius Eastman / Looking Glass Arts – The Holy Presence of Joan d’Arc (Excerpt) 
  • Errollyn Wallen – Guru

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