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I am offering online consultations to ‪any composers interested in conductor feedback on their ensemble scores or sketches. While there is no guarantee my thoughts and impressions will be representative of other conductors, I hope my own unique performance and repertoire experience might be useful to your creative process!

“Kelly’s good and very detailed. Young composers – and even old composers – will learn things from her.”    Andrew Ford

I realise many of us are currently experiencing financial hardship and I am not looking to charge a traditional fee for these sessions. Instead I would be very interested in the possibilities for

  • Project collaborations
  • Network introductions
  • Access to materials, resources or equipment
  • Skill swap: promotional, editorial, advertorial, production assistance, copywriting, proofreading, photography, graphic design, copyist work, project documentation etc
  • London timebanking
  • Buy me a coffee! or

I will devote study time to your score equivalent to the value of the package you can offer me in return; followed by a list of my observations and/or provocations by email and a realtime discussion on your comms platform of choice. There is much of value to me within the share economy and I am very open to negotiating a mutually beneficial arrangement with anyone interested!

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