When in London, I live and work from a tiny narrowboat continuously cruising the city’s waterways. This enables me a great awareness of my day-to-day impact and an insight into the diversity of London’s boroughs.

I rely heavily on solar energy and monitor my other consumption with care. I am an advocate of London’s public libraries, cycle wherever possible and prioritise slow travel as much as feasible to Europe and when abroad. For me, the tiny house movement holds huge power to revolutionise our consciousness of and balance within the ecosystems we share.

Other than musical scores and parts, I keep a paperless workplace and ask that my collaborators and clients use digital comms for all our work together.

I am committed to being free of oil sponsorship in all my projects and continue to oppose fossil fuel funding across the cultural sector. I also realise my agency in the rebalancing of concert music’s gender norms.

It is the duty of the arts to reflect our times and the responsibility of artists to hold a mirror to our local and global leadership. I am always open to new and creative ways of exploring sustainability and environmental responsibility in both my process and content: we must pursue honesty, accountability and justice through our work and harness our own power as individuals to inspire change.

Ruthless Jabiru Sustainability Policy
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