“A proficient, no-nonsense conductor, with excellent baton technique and a clear commitment to giving every cue in the score… her ability to stay in control of these complex works was always impressive.”
Gavin Dixon, Seen and Heard International
“The lively and innovative Australian conductor Kelly Lovelady held a diverse evening together with her wide-ranging musical skills. She is the type of conductor that is obviously fun to work with and someone who encourages excellent team work and commitment… Evident in this piece (as in everything during the concert) was her ability to fine-tune an orchestra like a well-trained piano accompanist, following her soloists with great skill and offering support at every turn.”
Howard Shepherdson, Limelight Magazine
“The most enjoyable concert of our sampling of the City of London Festival has been one of American and Australian music by a new orchestra of Australian Londoners… The group which debuted last night was welded into a real entity by its founder conductor Kelly Lovelady, one of two bright stars of the night. She led the music sensitively with good ensemble and a feeling that everyone was listening to each other. Her rapport with her players and with soloist Emma Pearson was a delight.”
Peter Grahame Woolf, Musical Pointers
“What was not in doubt was the quality of all the predominantly Australian performers on show throughout this Winter Prom… perfectly balanced against the Tait Chamber Orchestra, unfussilly and sympathetically conducted – here and elsewhere – by Kelly Lovelady.”
Jim Pritchard, Seen and Heard International
“Kelly Lovelady is both a cultural ambassador for Australia and a campaigner for recognition for Australian artists abroad… Ruthless Jabiru is a brilliant company.”
Dione Joseph, Australian Stage
“The skill and professionalism of this orchestra, and of its founder and principal conductor Kelly Lovelady, was clearly evident throughout… a remarkable and moving performance.”
Alex Ivett, The Australian Times
“Pazzia Collective pushes the sensory experience of live performance to new levels… these are wonderfully courageous performers.”
“Last night showed just how skilled and committed is Kelly as a conductor, and how she had the whole orchestra on her side. She will undoubtedly establish herself here among our young conductors.”
John Carmichael, Composer
“Kelly takes the notes off the page to find the internal groove of the music as if it were jazz.”
Ken Milton, Violinist