Cortona Sessions

I would love to use my platform to amplify friends and colleagues from the 2010 to present day Cortona Sessions community including

  • past and present Fellows and Faculty
  • composers, sound artists, improvisers and experimental music creators in all styles/genres
  • contemporary music practitioners
  • own or external handles (posted by performers, labels, promoters etc)

If you’d like your streamed output to be considered for future Mixtapes please complete the following with your artist details so I can explore your work! For the existing format, my preference is usually for tracks of 1–5 minutes in duration so for those working in longer forms: if you’d like your music included and have the resources to do so, you might consider also preparing shorter clips, excerpts or audiograms on your platform of choice.

Thanks so much! 
You may also be interested in my other composer/creator initiatives: 
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